Friday, May 13, 2016

Senior Signing @ WAIS

The auditorium at WAIS filled with students and families to hear this year's graduating class announce the college and universities they'll attend. Candidates for graduation also announced career fields they will pursue through their studies.

Most students declared enrollment into in-state schools, but there were a number of out-of-state and several out-of-country schools as well. Schools included University of Houston, Texas A&M, Houston Baptist University, Sam Houston State University, Trinity University, University of St. Thomas, University of Alabama, University of Virginia, Columbia University, Kettering University, and others. Some students will directly enter the military, and others will first earn an Associate Degree at a junior college, like the Lone Star College and Blinn College, before transferring to a four-year program.

Career fields of interest for this year's graduating class included engineering, business, journalism, medicine, psychology, computer science, graphic design, education, forensics, military, and a multitude of others.

Photos by WAIS IBDP student Santiago Moreno.

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