Wednesday, May 18, 2016

WAIS Senior Walk

The Westchester Academy graduating class of 2016 recently visited Wilchester Elementary. With Westchester students coming from all over the Spring Branch district, some of the class of 2016 attended Wilchester for elementary.

The Wilchester Elementary students cheered, waved, and gave high fives as WAIS Graduates walked through the campus. The graduates returned to WAIS, touring both the upper and middle school building before taking a class photo in front of the upper school arches.

Photo at Top by WAIS IB MYP Student Victoria Ramon.

Video of Senior Walk by WAIS IB MYP / Guthrie Student Eduardo Hernandez.
Footage by Faculty Member Shaun Wegscheid and Student Eduardo Hernandez.
Photography by WAIS IBDP Candidate Santiago Moreno and IB MYP Student Victoria Ramon.


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