Friday, April 8, 2016

Miacis recognized by Balfour Publishing

Volume 32 of the Miacis, the 2014/15 edition of Westchester Academy's annual student publication, was recognized by publisher Balfour Yearbooks. Our publication will be listed for Honorable Recognition in Balfour's 30th edition of the Yearbook Yearbook. Only a bit over 15% of publications are recognized in Balfour's Yearbook Yearbook. "We honor the best of the best in this edition of Yearbook Yearbook," editor Marilyn Scoggins.

Created by WAIS yearbook students, Mallika Dargan and Nancy Tran of the class of 2015 served as editors and planned the creative direction and style of Miacis vol. 32. The books visual theme focused on geometric elements including use of low-poly illustrations, and featured larger pictures than previous editions of the Miacis. The cover features a minimalist design with a soft gradual fade and the title debossed. The cover was designed by Mallika Dargan, Nancy Tran, and Savannah Villarreal. WAIS faculty Shaun Wegscheid served as yearbook advisor.

In the past five years, this is the fourth edition of the Miacis to be recognized in Balfour's Yearbook Yearbook.

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