Thursday, May 26, 2016

WAIS Graduate Spotlight: Daniel

Daniel Villagomez is featured in a new article, Mother the Picture of Sacrifice for WAIS Graduate, on SBISD's School Zone. Daniel is an IBCP Candidate and is a salutatorian of the Class of 2016. He was also chosen by his peers as Prom King and Mr. Wais.

Daniel Villagomez knows sacrifice. He even knows what it looks like. 
“Sacrifice. I’ve gotten to know it so well,” Villagomez said. “My mother – this is what sacrifice is.”
His mother – a single mom with four kids – put three of those kids through private school St. Mark’s Lutheran for elementary and middle school, then sent Villagomez’s older siblings through another private school for high school.
And it was his mother who found Westchester Academy of International Studies and knew that it, not the other private high school, was the right fit for Villagomez – it was public and had rigorous academics and other opportunities.  
( . . . ) 
With no legacy to follow into WAIS, Villagomez waited out the lottery system and waiting list, being notified in the summer before he started ninth grade that he’d been accepted. 
“I knew one person (at WAIS),” he said. “But even if I hadn’t known anybody I would have been fine. That’s why I love Westchester.” Noting his recent election as prom king he added, “I guess that shows I’ve met a few people here (at WAIS).” 

Read the full article by Rusty Graham on SBISD's School Zone.


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  1. It really brings a lot of joy to my heart when children of struggling parents succeed. They work so hard for their kids and i wish all parent's kids be like Daniel here.


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