Saturday, May 30, 2015

Yearbook Distribution

This year's WAIS Yearbook, Miacis v.32, has arrived and is ready for distribution. Students may pick up their books Monday, June 1st during their lunch and after school. Students should have their student ID with them.

Extras are available for purchase at $75.
Supplies are limited; most years we completely sell out.

This year's book is the official 32nd volume of the Miacis, starting back from when Westchester originally opened in 1968. The year's book was planned and created with leadership from student editors Mallika Dargan and Nancy Tran of the class of 2015. Dargan & Tran worked under previous student editors Ariel Denbow in 2014, and Nicole Son on 2013- both books received recognition from our publisher. Recognition is given to ~15% of books, and is announced about a year after a book's printing.

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