Thursday, May 7, 2015

WAIS Students Attend OTC Houston

"More than 94,700 attendees from 130 countries gathered at the annual conference, demonstrating OTC’s position as the leading forum to exchange ideas and opinions to advance scientific and technical knowledge for the safe, environmentally friendly and sustainable development of offshore oil and gas resources. It is the sixth largest attendance in the 47-year history of OTC.

The sold-out exhibition was the largest in show history at 695,005 ft², including outdoor exhibits, up from 680,025 ft² in 2014. This year’s conference also had 2,682 companies exhibiting, up from 2,568 in 2014, representing 37 countries. International companies made up 42 percent of exhibitors."

That ~94,700 attendees includes more than 20 students from WAIS. A group of WAIS upper school students interested in pursuing a STEM career spent most of today at the Houston Off Shore Technology Conference. These students were able to participate in activities simulating science principles important in energy production and research, as well as speak to more than 20 different professionals from companies including NOV, Weatherford, Oceaneering, and Mobile. 

We're even pictured on OTC's official Instagram page (above) and twitter feed (below right).

This opportunity was made possible for WAIS Students by the organization Energy4Me.

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