Saturday, May 30, 2015

Graduating Class of 2015

This year marks the 13th graduating class from WAIS. As a campus, we continue traditions of honoring these students who've earned their high school diplomas and are now ready for higher education, technical training, military service, and the workforce.

Students announced their plans post-graduation Wednesday, May 20th, and were further recognized during the senior awards ceremony. This year marks the biggest group of IB Diploma Candidates we've had to date, the largest number of IB and AP Exams for a grade level, and more than a million in scholarships earned and awarded. This included several scholarships from the WAIS Alumni Association.

This year's graduates will be attending institutes of higher education including CalPoly, Carleton, Cornell, Ringling, St. Edwards, Texas A&M, Trinity, University of Texas, and serving in multiple branches of the military.

WAIS Graduates of 2015 will have the graduation commencement Monday evening, June 1st at the Don Coleman Coliseum.

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