Friday, January 29, 2016

Students participate in Houston Area MUN

A mix of more than 30 upper and underclassmen spent the past two days at the University of Houston campus, participating in the 41st Houston Area Model UN conference.

 Model UN is an educational simulation of the United Nations. Conferences bring together hundreds of students from the surrounding areas and let them participate in a variety of sessions where students discuss issues. Each student takes the role of a delegate to the United Nations, and engage in debates during the simulation.

The students research their assigned county, and the related topics for the conference, in advance. During the conference, the students objective is to write and pass a resolution for the related topics that are congruent with their country's need and perspective. Students will present their ideas at the conference, and work with other countries'  delegates (students) during their attempt to write and pass resolutions.

This year focuses on the topics of the Creation of Israel and the Chilean Presidential Elections of 1969/70. Westchester students are participating as delegates seeking resolutions from the perspective of Cambodia, Cyprus, Ecuador, Malta, Namibia, and the USA. WAIS Students also participated in the Model UN San Antonio conference during IIW in early January.

Model UN officially begun after the formation of the UN in 1945; however, this is predated by the Model League of Nations, believed to go back to the 1920's. The first Houston Area Model UN conference was held in 1976, with 18 students- originally stated by SBISD world history teacher Andrea Flynn from Memorial High School. HAMUN has long ties with the University of Houston, including professors Joseph Nogee and Jordan Paust, since its origins in the mid '70s.

WAIS Alumnus, Patrick Aana, provides the closing remarks Friday afternoon for the 41st HAMUN Conference. Aana served at the Secretary-General for HAMUN, and is currently employed by the World Affairs Council of Houston. He holds degrees from both the University of St. Thomas and the University of Houston. Ruth Oviedo, another WAIS Alumni, serves as Chief of Staff for HAMUN. Ruth holds a degree from Sam Houston State University. Oviedo is employed by a small firm in Houston, but intends to pursue additional degrees.

Learn more about HAMUN at Houston Area MUN . org

Photography by WAIS student Santiago Moreno. 
Moreno is an IB Diploma Candidate and a volunteer photographer for the Miacis annual student publication.

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