Tuesday, January 19, 2016

IB HOTA Juniors at Rice's Fondren Library

IB Diploma Programme junior students taking History of the Americas visited the Rice University campus today to conduct research in the Fondren Library. While research can include books, it also includes academic journals, periodicals, and other materials that may be stored digitally or in formats including microfiche.

The students are researching for their Internal Assessments for HOTA, a research paper on a historical topic of their choosing, occurring within the last hundred years or so and restricted to the geographical area of North or Central America. History of the Americas is a two year course, and at this point during junior year, studies have not yet included South America. As of senior year, HOTA students will have covered content on South America and may conduct research on South America as well.

Photography by WAIS student Santiago Moreno. 
Moreno is an IB Diploma Candidate and a volunteer photographer for the Miacis annual student publication.

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