Monday, April 20, 2015

Yearbook Permissions

Our biggest difficulty this year is definitely dealing with permission to include students in the yearbook. Most years, we only have around 5% of students to speak with about not turning in permission at the start of the year. However, this year the district changed how first day packets were handled. This change caused less than 50% of district permissions to be returned.

At this point, the yearbook has been complete for weeks, however, we've been working on permissions for months. As of this Friday, anyone without permission will have to be removed from the yearbook so it can go to print. At this point, around 20% of students still have not turned in permission. We've tried announcements in the morning announcements, lunch announcements, visiting advisory classrooms, posters, flyers, posting who has permission by student lockers, and physically trying to find the ~500 students without permission. We've made progress, but will still be pulling a lot of students out of the book on Friday.

If your student has not turned in a permission form, or they are unsure, they need to bring one to Mr. Wegscheid on or before Friday, April 24th. Forms can be picked up from the office, or printed from the Wais Yearbook page. (direct link to form).

If you have concerns about the permission forming making it from home to school, you can instead send a picture of it to

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