Thursday, April 30, 2015

WAIS Yearbook Recognized by Balfour Publishing

The 2013/14 edition of Westchester Academy's annual student publication, was recognized by publisher Balfour Yearbooks. Our publication will be listed for Honorable Recognition in Balfour's 29th edition of the Yearbook Yearbook. Around 15% of publications are recognized in Balfour's Yearbook Yearbook.

The 2013/14 edition of Miacis was created by WAIS yearbook students, with Ariel Denbow of the class of 2014 serving as editor, cover designed by Ariel Denbow and Karla Alanis, with the assistance of other yearbook staff. The cover features soft touch surface, with a glossy treatment on the Miacis title and on the large center W. Westchester faculty member Shaun Wegscheid served as yearbook advisor.

In the past four years, this is the third edition of the Miacis to be recognized in Balfour's Yearbook Yearbook.

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