Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Raspberry Pi Sharing Competition

Westchester is currently hoping to raise funds for Raspberry Pi computers, for use with students during International Investigations Week in January.  Our cause has been selected for Pledgecent's Facebook sharing competition.

Below the picture section on our fundraising page, you will see different buttons that you can click to share your cause. In the Facebook button, you will see a number that will show you how many times your fundraising page has been shared. The goal for this 48 hour competition is to have the highest number next to your Facebook button.

See our Raspberry Pi Funding Effort 
Share it on Facebook to help us reach our goal.

From Wednesday (12/7) to Friday (12/9), the top 3 fundaising pages with the most Facebook shares will win extra money towards their fundraising page.
  • 1st place = $300 prize
  • 2nd place = $200 prize
  • 3rd place = $100 prize


  1. Mariame Aana and Alyssa Nguyen are indeed hard workers and their work tells about their success we hope they will move forward

  2. All the best to you too. I have full confidence that you would end up winning it for sure. Thank you for updating us on the same


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