Saturday, September 3, 2016

Second Annual WAIS Color Run

The second annual WAIS Color run was held September 9th, during school.  The money raised in the color run will help support our students in their many learning adventures this year at WAIS.  Fun Run, who we are partnering with for this event, will also make a contribution of 3 meals, to people in need within our region, for each class that is able to bring in ~$1.5 per lap per student.

See images from this year's Color Run >>
Photos taken and provided by IB DP student Santiago Moreno.
Photos can be purchased, and proceeds will also help fund student activities at Wais.

Education funding continues to be an issue in Texas. Education funding in Texas is about 30% lower than the US average. Not only this, but education funding in Texas per student is about 10% lower than it was six years ago.

To make matters more complicated, education funding within the state is also not equitable due to the states' recapture practice, commonly referred to as the "Robin Hood" plan. The issue occurs in how districts are categorized as 'wealthy' or not, based on estimated taxable land value, not the actual economics of the area or families they serve.

Spring Branch serves a student body with more than 50% economically disadvantaged. However, Spring Branch is, and for years has been, classified as a wealthy district and has to send back millions of funding each year. Within the next couple years, Spring Branch will have to forfeit about a third of its funding to the state. Houston ISD is also affected by this same policy, and will be sending back more than $150 million, despite about 80% of students being from low-income families.

To see images and more info from last year's color run, 

see last year's coverage of the event.

To learn more about education funding in Texas:

How is the district funded?
Article on SBISD financial health (from April 2014)
Judge rules Robin Hood unconstitutional- again (from August 2014)
- News on State Funding of Education (from May 2016)


  1. WAIS Color run, a very good step taken for education of young generation. Such activities should be held and they should be promoted.As they encourage them.

  2. My friend was also be the part of this Second Annual WAIS Color Run. He told me about this colorful event and now I also want to participate in this kind of festival.


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