Saturday, February 27, 2016

Lottery Results for WAIS 2016/17 Admissions

Congratulations to all of our incoming new wildcats. 

We look forward to meeting our new Westchester families at upcoming open house events and working with you next fall. The acceptance and wait lists are currently posted on the WAIS Campus; just past the middle school arches and main office entrance.

Again this year, we received over 700 applications for next year's openings for next school year. This does not include current students intending to return next year. Applications were handled a little differently this year. If a student applied to multiple SBISD options, they were required to rank their preferences. If a student was accepted to one of the schools they applied for, they were removed from the lists of any choices they ranked lower.

As of the lottery's conclusion, we have approximately 350 students on wait lists from 6th - 11th grade. Numbers vary from grade level to grade level, and 6th and 9th have the longest wait lists. We understand and sympathize that it can be discouraging to be on a long waiting list. If your number was not drawn this year, we hope that you continue to apply. Whether a student becomes a WAIS Wildcat or not, we hope they continue striving for success and working hard to be the best learner they can be.

Admittance to WAIS is based only on two things; residing within Spring Branch, and limitations of our school's capacity. While we aim to provide a rigorous and challenging environment for our students, we don't have a grade requirement on our applications. We understand that a student's current level of success is not always indicative of their level of success here at WAIS. This may be due to a variety of factors within the environment and within the student, including but not limited to learning strategies, curriculum, peers, and level of interest.

The lottery is conducted and supervised by multiple school and district staff and administrators. Law officers and law practitioners are also present during the lottery. This year's lottery included supervision from the Whitley Penn accounting firm. The lottery is conducted in English, but with Spanish translation provided. The public is allowed to attend.

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