Thursday, November 5, 2015

Cinderella in Houston Chronicle

An article about our production of Cinderella, written by Don Maines was published in the Chronicle this week. See the snippet below, and check the link that follows to read the full article.

"Kendall Brunner plays the title character in "Cinderella," Nov. 13-14 at Westchester Academy for International Studies.

She is managing the show's technical feat of transforming her character's cinder girl rags into a sparkling ball gown before the audience's very eyes.

Westchester choir director Lindsey Faleiro said they made all the costumes from scratch or borrowed them, "but we didn't have any idea what to do about the transformation dress" (which was a centerpiece of the show's recent Broadway revival, which won best costume design at the 2013 Tony Awards).

"A former student helping us with lights said his sister is a seamstress and she can make a transformation dress," said Faleiro." 
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Photograph by WAIS student Lorena del Toro. 
Del Toro is on Miacis staff.

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