Saturday, September 5, 2015

8th Grader, Clay, published in local publication, GuideStar

Eighth grader, Clay, has an article published in this month's edition of GuideStar, the Houston Astronomical Society’s newsletter.  His article, “Finding the Cosmic Order: the Story of Kepler’s Laws of Motion,” appears on page 12 in the newsletter.

Clay also placed first in our 2015 GeoBee last spring, and competed at the state level competition.

Excerpt from the editor in the September edition of GuideStar: 

I'm pleased to have new articles in this GuideStar by Clay (...). Clay has a nice article on Johannes Kepler, Rene tells us about inspiring kids to get into astronomy, and Larry and Susie tell us about the Stellafane 2015 event. Thanks. 

Opening of Clay's Article: 
 Finding the Cosmic Order
The Story of Keplers
Laws of Motion
NASAs Kepler spacecraft has made lots of news recently, helping astronomers discover many exoplanets orbiting other stars, such as super-Earth Kepler 452b, which was just found recently. But who was Kepler?

Johannes Keplers laws of motion marked a major turning point in the history of astronomy and sci- ence. It threw out the old systems of epicycles and orbs and replaced it with a system based on physics and observation that holds true to this day. Keplers book on his discoveries, Astronomia Nova, or New Astronomywas well named. It was the beginning of a scientific revolution in as- tronomy that led to Newton and the rest of mod- ern science, astronomy and physics. Without them, we might not have the same understanding of the universe that we do now.


Read the rest in the September issue of GuideStar.

SBISD Snapshots also included an article about Clay's accomplishment.

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